The Offer

by Cathy 8 months ago in love poems

A Love Poem.

The Offer

Taking each other's hands,

Darling, let us leave our pains behind,

There is no need to press rewind

Now we are always on our minds.

I know the roads before

In your face, coldly slammed some doors

But, knowing this, my love

Founds our first resolve;

It's easy not to say a word

Yet, that cuts sharper than a sword

This, as well, I know so well

This, and more, my dear.

Show me your scars

I will show you mine,

But what good would that do?

To drive a slow or faster car

To spill some milk and ponder why.

Now standing at this crossroad

Of our endings and new beginnings aligned,

Tell me why your heart connives

Conundrum without base or guise?

Faith is all that led us here

Blind, naive with all her airs,

Faith is why you read these lines

Looking through them into my eyes.

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