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The Ocean and Me

With eyes anew

By A.N.TiptonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Ocean and Me
Photo by Kayvan Mazhar on Unsplash

Once upon a rainy, dreary day,

the Ocean’s song answered my call

with waves of compassion

and infinite wisdom.

• • •

Her white crests flatten

and kiss my toes, washing me clean.

I drop down into my grateful heart,

and send back waves of love and gratitude.

• • •

And for a moment we become one,

the Ocean and me,

to exist in the forever now,

communing as Mother Gaia intended.

• • •

Salty winds smooth over my eye lashes,

her gentle exhalations

inviting me to behold

the sight of new day.

• • •

We caused a shift,

the Ocean and me,

one that reverberated throughout my very soul,

grounding me to the tunes of the Earth.

• • •

And so, I take her invitation,

as the waves sing their

crashing crescendo behind me,

like an avenging Goddess.

• • •

With eyes anew, the worldview has changed,

morphing into endless possibilities

and promises and truths of

our inherent divine sovereignty.

• • •

The Ocean whispers to me,

of things forgotten,

of tales of the untold past, present and future,

readying my soul for remembrance.

• • •

For it is time, she sighs,

time to awaken,

time to shine your inner flame

and remember your eternal power.

• • •

Made of the same divine material

as stardust, existing in the

continuous cycle of the cosmos,

are the Ocean and me.

• • •

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© 2022 A. N. Tipton

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I am a Writer, a Lover of Books, a Mother & an Usui Reiki Master who loves to read & write & all things Universal. Words move me, inform me, inspire me.

Find me at Twitter: @iambeauty111

© 2023 A. N. Tipton

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  • test9 months ago

    Which is to say, I get the feeling that a lot of your poetry is arrived at after all the really difficult stuff is over, the calm after the storm. Where is the sad and angry girl? Where the pining spirit? Where the hungry heart? this is the stuff of classical angst and ennui.

  • test9 months ago

    Okay. I am getting that your poetry is about healing for you, about feeling the love of the earth. I would love to see you try a different form. You might be surprised. I get that you have to "look like a poet." The biggest mistake poets (of all ages and classes) make is trying to write like a poet. Try writing like a wounded soldier on the battlefield with all of your troops dying and spitting blood out of their mouths, looking up to a banner struck by the rising sun. Sounds like Lord of the Rings but it an really get the blood going. And poetry is of the blood.

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