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The Nurse

by Patti Hodder 2 months ago in inspirational

Angels Among Us

Grace under pressure, the newsman tries to explain

Super-human power to absorb all this pain

In times of such sadness, she searches for a way

Knowing more than anything he just wants to stay

No time for mourning, no time for a goodbye

She averts her gaze, so he can’t see her cry

Amid the soft beeps and tubes, she takes his small hand

His guardian, his portal to the Promised Land

She is his mother, his daughter and his wife

Guiding him for the next phase of his long life

A family formed of intention, rather than blood

Ensuring at this moment he knew he was loved

An honor to serve him with prayers he can’t speak

She caresses his arm, his forehead and cheek

A rare day off, she heads alone to the beach

Gazing up at the clouds just beyond her reach

She knows Heaven will most kindly welcome them all

She walks slowly, head down, understanding her call

Patti Hodder
Patti Hodder
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Patti Hodder

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