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The Night's Loving Embrace

by LittleBirdie about a year ago in sad poetry

Life is unpredictable

The Night's Loving Embrace
Photo by Gabriele Motter on Unsplash

We are forced to dance in this world with a being called reality. It spins us in circles and pulls us into different dances. It laughs as we beg for it to stop…to wait a moment. Reality doesn’t let us catch our breath as we stumble through this painful dance stepping on burning ground. That is why most come to love the night. The night gently takes you into it’s arms and guides you through it’s special dance step by step through your favorite dreams. It encourages you to smile to take a breath. To look around at the dazzling stars, and the moon that shines brightly above. As you glide across the gentle cold of the night sky. However this special dance is soon interrupted as the sun rises and once again you are ripped away from the night by reality and forced into that horrible dance once again, as life looks upon you as something it owns and can do whatever it wants with. It will force you to dance with reality even as you cry. Your begging never reaches life’s ears, as he just watches you dance. Then love comes along and for a moment you are swept away from reality, dancing a dance of love and safety. But this one dance that seems just as beautiful as nights dance can easily become a nightmare and it will tear you down slowly until you are left as a crying mess until you are able to be with the night again. Night calls to you and gently takes you into his loving embrace and let’s you breath. He let’s you know you are safe here with him. And as much as he would like you to stay you can’t. After you leave his arms the night is sad. He misses dancing with you and he often calls to you through out the day as he is forced to watch you dance with reality as life looks on and never bothers to step in to stop the pain.

sad poetry


Just looking to improve my writing skills and hoping to have a place to post my stories properly.

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