The Night

by Mandie Hann about a year ago in sad poetry

Darkness to Light

The Night

The Night

It’s dark and evil

Things lurk behind the shadows

It’s always too quiet

You can’t see what’s around you

You can’t see people

You can’t see the evil

You are blind by the dark of the sky

There is no light that you can run to

No one can save you

You are all alone

Well, you think you are…

But what you can’t see

Is the evil

Ready to come and taunt you

To come and get you

It makes you play its little game

Of pain and suffering

Of regret and sorrow

You feel weak in its powerful hands

But then in the middle of this evil

Endless night

You see a small light

A ray of hope

Shining through to you

The evil runs away

It does not like the light

Darkness and light

Cannot be in the same place

At the same time

The night is over

This Darkness

This Evil

Is gone and will not return

sad poetry
Mandie Hann
Mandie Hann
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