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By theawkwardestwriterPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

All day he danced,

All night he sang,

All week he jested,

All month he played,

A soothing sound,

A melancholic song,

A happy jig,

A soulful chorus;

This he did,

To please the king.

This he did,

To cheer the queen.

This he did,

To praise the prince.

This he did,

To entertain the court.

He laughed,

He cried,

All this he did,

Till the day he died.

Yet there was one,

So quiet you see,

He did none of this

To remain her fondest memory.

He simply saw

When she would cry;

She was found beautiful

In no man's eye.

She was simple in taste,

Maintaining all grace,

Her lips were full,

Her hair was soft,

Her skin was smooth,

Her eyes a deep sea.

When she spoke,

When she laughed,

It was as a river come to life.

Yet only one thing

Caused her strife,

One thing,

Such pain to not have any sight.

So this he did,

To save her life

And set her free;

He showed her all

She'd never see

He showed her the world,

Through touch, through sound,

He showed her life

Through smell,

Through taste,

But most of all, he showed her love,

He showed her joy

He showed her kindness;

All this he did,

For a blind, abandoned,


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I love music, books, and poems. Poems are to express, stories to create, essays to expound, music to feel. This is a place for my writing to be shared, poem, essay, and short story alike. May you enjoy what this awkward writer has to share.

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  • Mescaline Brisset7 months ago

    Your poem is simply stunning! The rhythm, the metre, the words... I wish every man will do these things for every woman.

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