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The Munjungo Fish

a trip home poem

By Isaac Haldeman Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Resting in her childhood

in reality three weeks we spent

through fantasy decades were swept

traveled back to leap forward

traditions lack what’s aimed toward

man on a mission

to God my only submissions

cheek to cheek with mothers of mothers

insights given that pricks and bothers

vovô’s warm gravity tugs me to center

barley words shed still i’m asked to enter

rewitnessing long turned corners

old stories retold pai did bless and honor

new forms surround familial norms

boundaries set habits kept

the new blood’s bet é enorme

let in on instinct they accept

her touchstone roads walked

too short long talks

slack ears miss much

coração words hint at my hunch

acceptance all around

all wells deepened my prayer’s sound

sun runs that burn

cervejas well earned

tamed bees bellow our knees

thirsty misqueets don’t leave me be

hard truths under covers

home follows two lovers

foreseen tears drip

i’d never leave her hip

no bonds truly broken

only new harbors to fill and soak in

grandpa’s bone and all diner whistle

an Iguapi december yummy epistle

scattered goodbyes one by one

anguish grips the sweetest hun

quietly salting edges

beautiful browns shine like crowns



shared grief

passes it’s brief

try it on

the answer is no

each time i won’t let it show

solo no

Christmas tans

never with my fams

oh wait

not solo

packed up as moon struck cubs

baby girl I can feel it in your hugs

rapid expansion of amor and care

so much at once it hurts it scares

festa with the crew

yay i fit in there too

ai ai ai bucky

love hearing it even for lucky

next trip we shoot that piece

on the rare munjungo fish

made your brother laugh

accomplished much on this path

the poem did the trick

the momentum will stick

for papi

from mami

love poems

About the Creator

Isaac Haldeman


I enjoy stories and telling them.

I’m the rich father before I am the poor artist.

Working on a novel. Why is it so hard?! ;)


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