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The Most Delightful Conversation

by Cali Hollyhill 2 years ago in love poems

With a Wall

Ah, I’m enthralled!

For the dozenth time

in just set of our planet’s rotation

yet again I see

I’m communicating with drywall

Oh, the joy!

A dried drip of paint sticks around

suspended, unmoving

I think I understand it well

since I’m hardened and immobile, too

Yes, here we go again!

Summoning up chipped paint

pulled away from hours wasted

squabbling and bickering

over absolutely nothing

No, I really don’t—

I don’t want to talk about it

and waste more breath

over useless disagreements

mumbled by you

Yes, it’s true—

You really could have avoided this

if you just listened

if you cared enough to listen

the first three hundred and sixty-five times around

love poems

Cali Hollyhill

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Cali Hollyhill
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