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The Morning Ritual

An Ode to the Aroma of Coffee

By MaheshhPublished about a year ago 1 min read

The morning sun rises, a new day begun,

With the first light, the world comes alive.

And as the day begins, we start a ritual,

A routine so sweet, it's truly original.

The aroma of coffee, so rich and bold,

A scent so warm, it never grows old.

It wafts through the air, with a comforting hum,

A symphony of smell, that's truly a drum.

The sound of the pot, as it starts to pour,

A symphony of steam, that's never a bore.

It fills the air, with a scent so divine,

A song of coffee, that's truly a sign.

The first sip, a burst of flavor so bright,

A warm and rich, that starts the day right.

It brings a smile, to our weary face,

And sets the pace, for a day in grace.

So here's to the coffee, in the morning sun,

A ritual so sweet, it's second to none.

For in this cup, we find comfort and peace,

And a start to the day, that's truly a feast.

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Hello, my name is Mahesh. I am a creative individual and I enjoy creating stories, such as ghost stories and fiction. I would like to share my stories and I hope that you will take the time to read them. Thank you.

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    MaheshhWritten by Maheshh

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