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The Moon and the Sun

By Elsa Michaela | @surfthoughtPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

The Moon watched the Sun as he entertained the mountains

Saw how the Sky blushed as he lay himself down

Watched how the Sea she dressed all in scarlet

Sighed at his feet when he arose

The Moon she was hopeless

She ran from the daylight

Ran to the blackness

Hid herself high in the night

Holding tightly the tethers

That keep her from floating out into nowhere

Survives in the still, dreaming of wholeness

Her glow a reflection of that which she lost

She hasn’t until now ever feared the dark

Cries herself the company of a billion stars

She tiptoes back, a sliver of hope

Stands proud on the horizon, she isn’t so alone

Balanced on the tide she plays with the waves

Smiles at the warmth of the Sun on her face

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About the Creator

Elsa Michaela | @surfthought

When you hear a song

One that stops you in your tracks

That seems spoken from your own mind

Do you listen and listen again?

Follow its streams until a tide,

Inside you

Rushes to fill in the small hollow parts

…Yeah, me too

INSTA - @surfthought

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