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The Mirror Journey

The worst thing to lose and the hardest thing to find is yourself

By Dharrsheena Raja SegarranPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash

The mirror didn't show him who he was

It only reflected his appearance

He saw a face staring back at him

It was someone he didn't recognise

"Who the hell are you?!" He shouted furiously

In reply, he saw the same rage reflected


The mirror didn't seem to know who he was

He was lost and devastated

Did that mean everyone lied to him when he was a child?

Because someone would always point to the mirror and say "Look, that's you!"

But he didn't know who he was anymore


The mirror seemed to not have the answer

It didn't understand the complexity of life

The roller coaster of emotions

The PTSD that came with trauma

The responsibilities that caused stress

And life itself which caused depression and anxiety


The mirror never helped him till the end

So he sought other mirrors to find out who he was

He asked every mirror he came across on his journey

At long last, he found out who he was

This particular mirror had all the answers

It was the mirror in his room at the mental asylum

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Dharrsheena Raja Segarran

My mental health decline brought along a lot of Darkness and I embraced it. This Darkness flows out in the form of Horror Stories and Dark Poetry 🖤

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  • Donna Fox4 months ago

    I was not ready for the twist at the end, although I should be expecting it at this point because twists seem to be your specialty! You just do them so seamlessly and I admire that about your writing style! 💜💜

  • Vadim Kagan7 months ago

    Very good piece. Did not use the exact challenge prompt - on purpose?

  • Cathy holmes8 months ago

    Great piece. Well done.

  • Mariann Carroll8 months ago

    Wow, you always have a surprised ending 😮

  • Stella Yanabout a year ago

    It takes a process to find out who we truly are, a very long and sometimes suffering process ... Your words let us know we are not alone in this journey. Thx for sharing.

  • This comment has been deleted

  • I'm sad to tell this, but sometimes mirrors don't help. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  • Babs Iversonabout a year ago


  • Heather Hublerabout a year ago

    I loved this! I appreciated the flow and form. Well done :)

  • Bri Craigabout a year ago

    Simply packed with emotion! Great writing!

  • I hadn't seen this. Hard hitting and excellently written

  • Carol Townendabout a year ago

    I suffer PTSD, and this is exactly how the mirror makes me feel sometimes.

  • Luisa Gilliesabout a year ago

    Loved it! Subscribing :)

  • Parliament Homebrewabout a year ago

    Loved it!

  • Kirsten Ivattsabout a year ago

    Great insights and hard hitting.

  • Colt Hendersonabout a year ago

    Love it.

  • Made in DNAabout a year ago


  • Cassandra McElroenabout a year ago

    Wow. That had layers to it.

  • Sarah Loydabout a year ago


  • Fantastic, intense, wonderfully written.

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