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The Minutiae of Life


By Colleen Millsteed Published 8 months ago โ€ข 1 min read
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I woke early this morning and snuggled in deep,

Buried in the warmth of my soft bedding,

Purring at the sensation of my body heat,

As I buried in deeper to enjoy it spreading.


I began to doze once more,

Until I felt a tiny claw tapping my lips,

My baby girl is hungry it seems,

So I serve her up fish and biscuit chips.


Iโ€™ve a day off from the toil and bustle of life,

Smiling as I climb back into bed,

My heart skips a beat as I hear in the distance,

My two fur babies playing, the racing steps of their tread.


A silken voice calls โ€˜Good morning,โ€

A happy tiding from my awesome son,

Chattering away to me as he gets ready for his day,

Leaving me with an โ€œI love you Mum.โ€


After a lazy read wrapped in warmth,

I rise and soak in a heated bath,

Relaxed and refreshed, I dry off,

Dressed and ready to traverse the footpath.


I wandered the neighbourhood in my leisure,

Passing a friend on her way to work,

A smile and a wave uplifted my heart,

As I head on home โ€” โ€˜timeโ€™ todayโ€™s perk.


Itโ€™s made me realise with a lighthearted lift to my heart,

To treasure the little things that make up my day,

Forget the negative, the emotional turmoil,

And savour the positivity that makes my day okay.

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About the Creator

Colleen Millsteed

My first love is poetry โ€” itโ€™s like a desperate need to write, to free up space in my mind, to escape the constant noise in my head. Most of the time the poems write themselves โ€” Iโ€™m just the conduit holding the metaphorical pen.

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  • Aaliyah Madison8 months ago

    well-written piece.

  • Yes sometimes, the little things can bring so much joy. Such a happy poem! I loved it!

  • Diane Mary Markey8 months ago

    Colleen, yes to treasure the little things in life, thank you, Diane.

  • Cathy holmes8 months ago

    Gorgeous. There's such a feeling of peace in this one. Great work.

  • Perhaps something as inconsequential as a little "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

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