The Migraine Mom

by Lakeyia L 2 years ago in sad poetry

The Pain

The Migraine Mom

The pain is unbearable and can't always be tolerated

The pain leaves me in bed or unable to move for a few minutes to an hour at a time and when I do move I have to take me kids to school or run errands

The pain is not like everyone else because we are all different so before you judge make sure you understand the fact that all of us are not the same, so we can be hurting more than someone else is at the moment

The pain can hurt so bad that going to the ER may be the best option even though nothing will be done

The Pain is so bad that staying in bed in a dark room is the only way relief is possible and sometimes that doesn't even work like it should

The pain oh The Pain can be horrible in so many ways

sad poetry
Lakeyia L
Lakeyia L
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