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The Metronome Mind

by ParadoxFox 11 months ago in sad poetry
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An unsteady attachment through life felt in extremes

The Metronome Mind
Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

My bed is cold, your scent is gone

I grasp for what was--even a shred

so I'm left with melancholy and memories,

but never regret

Because the moments with you

define those without

Thus I must concede;

loneliness is a lust for the past

for even mere days separate

suspend me for eras

And those spent in your company

escape instantly as fractals;

the ego's crystallization

of all things pure, a storage that corrodes

and sets misery in stone

as a souring meal for later

Every second I feel joy

creates another where I suffer;

a steady metronome,

oscillating in perfect, even measures

And how does it stop?

sad poetry

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I value feedback and thoughtful conversation. Talk to me on discord: ParadoxFox#7986

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