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The metamorphosis

by Katie 3 months ago in inspirational · updated 3 months ago
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Of me

The metamorphosis
Photo by Lenstravelier on Unsplash

I’ve been thinking, manifesting in my brain, just who and what I am.

To know that I could do this, manifest physical changes, by just thinking them. How strong would my desire have to be?

Creating a daily image in my brain, forcing my body to adapt. Molding as if from clay, a new me.

A drug free method of transformation.

Slowly at first, gaining momentum as my confidence grows. Forcing my body to conform, pushing it to change. Shedding what I was, to step forward in a new form.

A form crafted from my dreams, molded from hopes and desires.

Making new, my reality, of me.


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Really just an amateur trying my hand at this.

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