The Melodic Tune I Hum

by Sharita Cormier about a year ago in inspirational

You reap what you sow.

The Melodic Tune I Hum

It must have been fun to rive me nearly motionless

Catastrophic like the three-headed storm you encouraged me to be

Shattering the seams of a spirit created to save your poured through souls

Dripping like toxic waste melting a polished diamond of christian solitude

I do not welcome you to continue

Nor will you

Painfully obliterated by your wreckages

“” Assuming I where as dull as the GAS LAMP in your soul

Suspecting I would willingly partake in your misguided efforts to distort my inner perspective

Pastels do not luster like the prism God justifiably constructed

The conclusion must not be catastrophic

If you comprehend the lyrics of the melodic tune I hum and hymn©

—§harita €ormier

Sharita Cormier
Sharita Cormier
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Sharita Cormier

Guys, I am a performer, singer, and writer. Earth has been extraordinary for me. Hiking through this place is intoxicating. Music, words, and fire feul my existance. I have two associates degrees. Completing the third is a task in it's own.

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