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The me to heal

by Pherawaty 4 months ago in inspirational
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a way to forgiveness

image by Verawaty

All this time I am looking for love to soften the wounded piece of me. For a love so warm it can destroy this awful feeling that has been growing inside of me since they touched me. A love so fierce it can burst the pain I carry with me all this time, but it’s never enough. There is no love that can destroy and burst. There is no love that can heal the scars in my soul. The existence of this love is not out there. It’s within. It’s me who has to do it. Who has to love me, heal me, forgive me for letting them when I was too small and fragile. Now I’ve become this fierce creature who survives every time, who doesn’t scare from darkness and hurt, but dares to face it and say: I will live. I will love. It will pass.

~magic by Faye

by Pherawaty


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a prose and poetry writer to create a new world of love, light and magic

sharing my most intimate poetry coming from my deepest emotions about heartbreaking experiences combined with messages of hope and love

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