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The Man with the Blue Guitar

where he has composed every one of his verses.

By bishnu prasadPublished about a year ago 2 min read
The Man with the Blue Guitar
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

His blue guitar is lacquered so splendidly when he inclines

a specific way into his tune I can see my head in my grasp.

reflected. Furthermore, when he inclines back toward the inclination

of another chorale his guitar gets back to blue: the blue

of unboiled lobsters blurring to an overall Biro-cover blue

what's more, with a patina of fine tiger stripes the shade of the sky

halfway towards a springtime skyline. I've had a long

time to think about this.

The man with the blue guitar has a little tin for his plectrums,

with an animation pelican on its top, remaining on top of the words

"Pelican Throat Tablets." Between tunes, he tells me

that he tracked down it in a neglected house from the melody.

Which tune? My next tune. It's designated "The Unwanted House."

The man with the blue guitar peruses his verses from an extraordinary

calfskin book where he has composed every one of his verses.

At times he fails to remember the words and searches the page

as he plays, his face scrunching as he sings new clamors

in their place. I favor the commotion. This tune is called

Halloween Moon this tune is called Infatuated Bougainvillea

this melody is called Whiskey Waterway this tune is called

St. Michael's Boots My Cousin's Old Coat The Grappler's

Arm The Old Arm Grappler Dead Man's Stetson

Panama Morning The Skulls of the House of God Yard

Shadow in the Ravine in the Lower Regions of My Childhood

My Heart Is an Affection Letter the Folds Are Worn Through.

In the event that I appear to be too satisfied each time he completes, he takes it

as an encouragement to play another tune. In the event that I don't appear

satisfied sufficient each time he completes his assurance

just arrives at additional through his face thus he plays

Saratoga Horizon or Miserable Evangelist's Walk or The Desolate

Way to Wanderer Road or The Tale of Your Life or

The Tale of the Man with the Blue Guitar

which is the story behind this, my next tune..

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