The Man in the Mirror

The conversation is unique

The Man in the Mirror

The man in the mirror,

Believes he sees everything clearer,

He devises a list of must haves,

big boobs, thin thighs and calves.

The conversation is unique

Deep in thought, honesty, educated and intelligent when critiqued.

Many aptitudes of intrigue,

Honesty, compassion, and integrity

You believe,

The outer appearance does not stand up to your desired plea

fat, overweight, big girl however you choose to define me.

I carry a lot of responsibility

Not looking for a hand out, marriage or for someone to take care of me,

But would be nice if they possess reliability

Finding a companion, someone who isn't lazy, isn't broke, isn't disabled,

Whose only interest lies in the couch and what's on cable.

I may be fat

But lazy, inactive, I can not be described as that

What has happened to those you can actually to talk too, those who find it mannerly to open the door,

Someone who enjoys to explore,

walk with, camping, fishing, playing pool, nature, activities to adore.

But the utmost importance you see,

Is the time spent just cuddled up with me.

No games

Just good adult play without being tamed.

You state I am not your cup of tea.

Because am fat, overweight, thick describes me

Not interested, attracted to,

My heart goes out to you,

Because despite my outer flaw is weight as you define by your eye,

My inner self of strength, beauty, loyalty will stand strong as you keep walking bye

You see, my outer appearance can change, So don't sit and stare.

With support, an added boost to my motivation defined by gentle words of affirmation, wrapped with care,

carlos rossi
carlos rossi
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carlos rossi

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.”

― Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

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