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The Main Character

"I'm a wanderess, I'm a one night stand. Don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man." - "Hurricane" by Halsey

By Kelsey SyblePublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Source: Pexels / Анна-Христина

Despite all the ways

the man she'd once loved hurt her,

she wept for him.

Stepping back from the scene,

she took a long look at her own mistakes,

and shed tears of regret.

Forgiving not just him, but also herself,

was the only way out of this suffering.

And now it is time

to pick up the pen,

and turn a new page.

The withdrawal symptoms have ceased,

and she is finally clean of her addiction

to the man who never really saw her

for the main character she was destined to be.


About the Creator

Kelsey Syble

A Southern-born-and-raised writer now navigating life in NYC.

Let's connect on Instagram and TikTok: @kelseysyble

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  • Poppy3 months ago

    Another amazing poem!

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