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The loss

by Mark Vorobiev 6 months ago in sad poetry
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poem about the individual struggle

Born one day

and thrown inside

the hatefull world

that is as strong

as god and universe themselves.


you start exploring that dull world

to find there's no way you'd belong

the path you've chosen you've mistook

for bringing happiness to you

one mistake

is all it takes

to make this world a hellish place

you make mistakes,

you learn from them

but in the end

all goes to hell

all the experience you've gathered.

shatters, for less another word.

explodes, erroding in your soul

and suffocating all your efforts.

it leaves you all alone

seek help!

seek help!

Is all I hear a pile of shit?

is the illusion they've created

just meant to keep us going?

No help is seen

i'm all alone

i'm introverted and afraid

I've given up my hope to pray

I've given up my chance for life,

for happiness.

I ask you, WHY?!

Why is it that the pain of life,

the struggle of the daily path,

the unbearing image of a knife,

inside your arm.

is meant to make you stronger?

For natural selection,

the art of nature,

approaches all those destined for failure,

all those that werent meant,

to their end.

Democracies, autocracies, the world around

had built an unforgiving path,

one that removes you from all the luck

and shatters your reality like a blindsighted truck

you get knocked out

not only off your feet

you have escaped the strady-going feat.

you're out.

you've been abandoned.

you've fallen so behind

that all your actions are in vain

and to conclude,

you have mistaken,

for the world has long been taken

by the progression of the mind

that fucks your weakness from behind.

sad poetry

About the author

Mark Vorobiev

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