The Looking Glass

by Bethany Lloyd 5 months ago in love poems

A poem

The Looking Glass

You were supposed to feel like sin,

The forbidden fruit.

A sweet and delicious fall from grace.

But, instead, you feel like a looking glass,

Reflecting parts of me that I didn’t even know were there.

You wait so innocently,

Holding out your hand ready to meet me on

The other side of my boundaries.

As I drown in my uncertain desires.

See, I want you.

In the most intimate way you could possibly imagine.

I want to straddle your mind,

To watch our thoughts intertwine as the words

Spill from our mouths.

I want to make your body shudder from a distance

And to have you orbit me, as I am beginning to orbit you.

Like how Venus orbits the sun.

I want to burn in the most natural way.

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Bethany Lloyd
Bethany Lloyd
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