The Lonesome Outlook

A poem about an outlook

The Lonesome Outlook

The lonely outlook crying for attention.

Waiting for a warming hug.

Sun shining, weather glooming

Off over in the distance

Lonesome outlook weathered and forgotten.

Surrounded by welcomed array of cat tails

Out on an open lake

Birds flock in to say hello.

Surround the outlook with

A blanket of love.

Wind howls, waves are heard crashing

Sends kisses to the outlook

If you were to visit this lonely outlook

In the late month of August,

When the water has receded back,

And what was once buried

With a water blanket

You will be surrounded with a smell of decay

Soon though the lonesome outlook,

Will be alone once again

But you will always have memories

Of this Lonesome little outlook.

nature poetry
Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra
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Janetta Poitra

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