The Little Things

by Heather Lee 2 months ago in inspirational

I never tire from...

The Little Things
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

When it comes to life’s little pleasures,

some are more extravagant than others;

Perhaps exotic in pursuit and sporadic in measure-

Such are pleasures that others might treasure.

As for a creature of habit, routine

And a habitual homebody like me,

All I need to make each new day a dazzling dream are

The rousing constants inhabiting my daily scheme.

Be that the searing beads of serenity

Saturating my weary bones so splendidly...

Or the musky aroma of a steadfast summer rain

Seeping through the dodgy, decrepit window pane….

The rain… oh the rain, I shall most enjoy…

Although not by myself, but with a favored boy.

His hands- well they will softly stroke my shy, satin skin

And soon- my cheek brushes against his brisk, bristled chin.

This is a most treasured and dear time

For this pulsating body and beating heart of mine.

For next, our lips once again align- an act I never

Tire from- for it’s always as succulent as the first time.

These and more are the sparks in my soul-

The flicker of hope on days most dark and dull.

Life’s little indulgences are nothing short of inspired,

For in the end, they are what ignite the internal fire.

Heather Lee
Heather Lee
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Heather Lee

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