The Little Things

by Siena Dini 9 months ago in inspirational

It Is the Bird Songs and the Taste of Wine

The Little Things

and it is and always has been the little things that get us through to the next breath. it is the bird songs and the taste of wine and the way the wind feels when you stick your hand out the car window. the little things will carry us until we are able to carry them in our hearts. we will be able to love them as much as the warmth of a campfire loves you. as much as the sea longs for your attention. and we will become one with the things that bring us sanity and peace and, above all, the feeling of true happiness. the little things will get us there. they will take us to that spot in the sky we dream of when we cannot even fathom dreaming at all. the sway of the trees, the glow of the stars, the slow rocking of the swinging bench at the house on the beach. it is all here so that one day we may feel the weight of all the worlds we carry, lift right off of our shoulders. and i need that. so i will dream and write and laugh and sing until one day it is all i know.

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