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The light

Your smile can light up a thousand rooms

By Anuthmee SenevirathnePublished about a year ago 1 min read
The light
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

As I walked alone on the street,

I craved some heat,

for I was shivering in the brutal cold,

without a jacket, I could hold,

Suddenly it began to rain,

and my craving for warmth grew still,

but I was left to be cold, again,

with the cruel lingering chill,

after surviving in the cold,

I grew tired and sat down on the pavement,

not long after that a child sat next to me, looking bold,

after a few minutes of silence, he told me his statement,

he was begging for food,

I ignored the boy and didn't give him the piece of bread I had,

then I looked at the boy and realized I was quite rude,

he looked helpless and sad,

and so I gave him the bread,

and he showed me a smile too big for his face,

and then I realized with dread,

that it wasn't cold anymore in this place.

sad poetry

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Anuthmee Senevirathne

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