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The Light Of The Moon

by Donna Siggers 10 months ago in love poems

by Donna Siggers

The Light Of The Moon

Time passes, yet it stands still as I remember

Your first smile as you seduced my soul.

Within me it sparked something new

A passion that grew within, without control.

Secret urges, needs and impulses

To hold you close, so tightly.

For you to wrap me in your arms

And whisper in my ear, nightly.

My heart won’t let go of you, ever

Forever held within, a mind of possibility.

Your lips pressed against mine

The feeling of your virility.

I close my eyes, and think of you

Wish upon a star, that dreams come true.

That one day so very soon

We’re dancing beneath the light of the moon.

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Donna Siggers
Donna Siggers
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Donna Siggers
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