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The Legend of Kohinoor Diamond


By Ashish Kumar MauryaPublished 11 days ago 1 min read
The Legend of Kohinoor Diamond
Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

The Kohinoor, a legend so bold,

A diamond of stories untold,

A symbol of power and wealth,

A jewel of legendary stealth.

From mines of India it was found,

Glorious and sparkling, unbound,

Cut and polished, to perfection,

A diamond of immense affection.

Passed down through royal hands,

A treasure sought by foreign lands,

A prize of war, a trophy won,

A gemstone coveted by everyone.

But with its beauty came a curse,

A tale of tragedy and remorse,

A diamond that brought only strife,

A symbol of a lost way of life.

Now it rests in a foreign land,

A diamond of disputed command,

A relic of a bygone era,

A legacy of love and terror.

The Kohinoor, a story so grand,

A diamond of a fabled land,

A symbol of our history,

A gemstone of enduring mystery.

performance poetry

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