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The Laughter of Life

Finding Humor in the Everyday

By Mun TechPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Laughter of Life
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Once upon a time, in a land of routine

Where days were dull and life was lean

A spark of humor, bright and keen

Changed the monotony, and made life serene

With laughter as my armor,

I faced each day with wit and charm

I found the humor in the mundane

And life's troubles, I could disarm

I joked and I punned,

I made puns, oh so funned

And in the darkest of days

I found a way to make laughter resound

With a chuckle and a smile

I conquered all my trials

For laughter is the key

To make life's journey a breeze

I laughed at the rain,

As it pattered against my windowpane

I smiled at the sun,

As it shone on my face, oh so fun

I found humor in the little things

The quirks and imperfections, life brings

And it made my heart sing

I laughed at my mistakes,

And the blunders I'd make

For in them, I found the humor

And a way to not take life too serious

I found laughter in the unexpected

In the moments, I hadn't projected

And it made life a little more perfect

In short, laughter is the light

That shines so bright

In the darkest of days

It makes life's journey so much more fun and easy.

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