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The Journey Within.

A personal battle.

As time goes by, the more I struggle, feeling like I'm in a melancholy bubble. Irrational thoughts flood my mind, forcing my teeth to grind. Putting up a façade to hide my true feelings within. I hope and pray I could just hide away. Dreaming of a time this pain I feel will eventually heal. Staying strong as I go along, I hold on to positivity and face up to reality.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, thoughts whirl round my head. I feel all alone, wishing I had someone to phone. I have become a broken man, which wasn’t part of the plan. Hoping for a time this nightmare will be one I won't have to bear. If only I could see a way out of this for me. The pain is written all over my face. Excruciating thoughts inside my head I wish I could replace.

So numbingly low, needing time to grow, blankly staring out the window all I feel is sorrow. As they say tomorrow is another day, hopeful that in the month of May I will get through this I pray. Lying here with a broken heart trying to understand why we’re apart. Tears stream down my face like a never-ending race. Though I must be strong, get a grip and move on.

Time is a healer, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I know I have the strength to make it through. Holding onto faith gives me the belief I'll find myself again, that much is true. Like a stroll down memory lane, I remembered a time of happiness I could attain. Starting to see the light, what a wonderful sight. Realising how strong I can be, not just for me but for my friends and family.

Reaching out has been such a help, my family I could never doubt. Always there for me with unconditional love and support, don’t be a burden how I previously thought. You are stronger than you think, so search deep within and you'll find the missing link. It may be hard to see, but there is always a way to set yourself free.

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