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The Intersection of Ethics and Morality

Finding Harmony and Balance in a Complex World

By cruddymoosePublished 6 months ago 1 min read
The Intersection of Ethics and Morality
Photo by David L. Espina Rincon on Unsplash

Ethics and morality, two concepts intertwined

A dance of right and wrong, that's often hard to find

For what is ethical may not be moral, and vice versa too

And what we thought was true, may not hold up to our view.

For ethics are a code of conduct, a set of rules we follow

A guide to what is right and wrong, to help us feel less hollow

It's a system of values, that helps us make decisions

Based on principles that we hold, and our own personal visions.

But morality is deeper still, a sense of right and wrong

A compass for our souls, that guides us all along

It's a feeling in our hearts, that tells us what to do

A sense of what is just and fair, and what is kind and true.

So how do these two concepts relate, in a world so complex and vast?

How do we reconcile the differences, and make sense of them at last?

Perhaps the answer lies in balance, in finding a common ground

In recognizing the importance, of both concepts that we've found.

For while ethics may guide our actions, and help us make tough calls

Morality is what guides us, to be good to one and all

It's what helps us be compassionate, and treat others with respect

To see beyond ourselves, and not just what we expect.

So let us strive for both, let us find a way to see

That ethics and morality, are what make us truly free

For in a world that's often dark, and full of pain and strife

We need the light of ethics and morality, to help us live a good life.

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My name is cruddymoose. I am a passionate writer and wordsmith, has always had a love for the written word. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I try to bring a unique voice to the world of writing.

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