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The Inequity of Fate

Short poem

By Kel Published 3 months ago 1 min read
The Inequity of Fate
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Life can be so cruelly unfair,

Where some are born with silverware.

While others struggle day by day,

Just to make ends meet and find a way.

It seems like fate picks favorites,

As some are blessed with endless riches.

While others face a life of strife,

And struggle just to stay alive.

We search for answers, but none are found,

And we're left to pick up the pieces on the ground.

But we keep on going, hoping someday,

Justice will reign and fairness will have its say.

Until then, we endure life's bitter pill,

And pray for the scales of fortune to fulfill.

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Im 50% coffee, 50% pizza and 100% sarcastic.

I've been writing since i could hold a pencil and have my first poem published when i was 8 years old. Writing is my passion and i hope that comes across in my work.

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  • Zorica Malic3 months ago

    It is true that some people are born into more privileged situations than others and that life can be unfair at times. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, encounters their own particular challenges and struggles. Even though we might not always be able to influence the situations into which we are born or the things that happen to us, we can always choose how to react. It's critical to maintain our resiliency in the face of difficulty, to continue pursuing our objectives and aspirations, and to ask for support and assistance when necessary.

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