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The happiness inside me

by Karla Andrea about a month ago in love poems
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teenage love

The happiness inside me
Photo by Denise Jones on Unsplash

The happiness inside me

she's stronger than me, than my bones,

which you scratch at me in a hug

Happily, take me upstairs and hit me

the temple of the stars, until

my world is long and endless

make a column or something

much higher and much sooner.

How good you are, what a wonder I am!

Two different songs, hitting and mixing,

two colors never seen before,

one very low, turned to the ground,

one very high, almost broken

in the cold, incomparable struggle

of the wonder that you are, of the chance that I am. ”

love poems

About the author

Karla Andrea

I like to write poems when I'm sad.

I'm shy when it comes to my writing.

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