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The Great Gamble

by Kenneth cruz 7 days ago in heartbreak

A Poem About Love By: Ken Cruz

Love the great gamble

Stakes to great to handle

But to live without taking a chance

To go to the ball and not dance

To Iive without experiencing

Not knowing what your missing

Going thru life living but not existing

Pain comes and goes but we need to keep persisting

Opposition comes but we need to keep resisting

Otherwise we are just zombies lost to the land

For how can we truly experience growth if not with someone at our hand

Looking back at shared times

Like footprints in the sand

And of course the wind will come and blow away some tracks and memories like old debris

And some love with leave a bitter taste like rotten fruit or a stagnant disease

But I ask you this

Just because one meal leaves a bitter taste

Do you cease to eat?

Keep the faith like a flickering ember on a cold winters night

For true love and passion an inferno could ignite

Kenneth cruz
Kenneth cruz
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Kenneth cruz
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