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Be Good to Your Dogs.

By Linnet BrownPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Jonatas Domingos on Unsplash

Dogs can never be human, this we all do know,

But they have qualities that people should show.

There should be no dispute in this truthful acclaim,

When it comes to faithfulness, they fit in the frame.

Dogs willingly seek the lost and comfort the disturbed,

A task they never refrain from performing my dear friend.

Whenever there are disasters they are on hand to bestow,

With wagging tails, their effort they will eargerly show.

Dogs lead the blind and give human a sense of protection,

For them this is a big responsibility and love manifestation.

They never passed up on their Wards, even if handled poorly,

And never led them in paths which are deemed unseemly.

Dogs stick with their homeless friends day and night,

Content and endure hardship, though not enough food to eat.

They never seemed to complain when the nights are cold,

But obediently help the wanderer another day to behold.

Dogs sense danger and are very quick at giving a warning,

Many people would have die had it not been for their caring.

They save individuals from fire, drowning and terrible attack,

And render them the opportunity to live longer and that’s a fact

Dogs offer protection, teach and care for our children,

And very rarely an unkind gesture is displayed by them.

Dogs are man’s best friend and this is very true indeed,

In the face of danger will stick by their friends to the end.

Dogs give cheers to both sick children and the elderly,

And bring about healing both spiritually and physically.

They encouraged individuals to take walks and fresh air

And enable them to make friends from very far and near.

Dogs are not humans, but it's very clear for all to see.

That their lives symbolize what people should always be.

Let us study the lives of our dogs and begin to get wise,

Even when faced with danger their duties will not refuse.

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About the Creator

Linnet Brown

. Linnet enjoys working with kids. She has worked with youngsters in different professional roles, which were teacher, day nursery manager, and qualified social worker.

Linnet is retired but working as a volunteer. Linnet is an author.

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