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The Good pay for the Bad’s ugly

From Don’t Feed that Pigeon!

The Good Pay for the Bad's Ugly 


The Bad one's make it hard to breathe for those who 

believe in being good, as they should, but the Bad don't

and won't stop being poor examples for cops. 


The Good one's are usually forgot, every time an unarmed 

person is shot. And, the spotlight shines on those who crossed 

the line into the criminal behavior people need saviors from. 


But, not all are quick to pull a gun, or are one's to choke

people out under their own reasonable doubt. There are cops

who are about protecting and serving the people and not their 

own egos. 


Those Police go out of their way to help others while negativity 

smothers their positive deeds. Some recognition is needed as

they fight crime at the same time the limelight's up on corrupt

officers of the peace.


It's a battle without ceasefire and the Bad never tire of dragging 

down those who are grounded in goodness. That's why the Good 

press on trying to stay strong while providing ample good

examples most won't see.

Excerpt From

Don't Feed that Pigeon!

By Yona Vaughan

social commentary
Yona Vaughan
Yona Vaughan
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Yona Vaughan
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