The Gold in Grandpa's Old Cellar

by Isadorian 5 months ago in vintage

A Poem to the Tune of Valued Heirlooms

The Gold in Grandpa's Old Cellar
Photo by Lena De Fanti on Unsplash

Pondering past treasures gained

Before the sunset and the moon waned

The gold in the chest, it still shone on ever brightly

Found the key to the lock that was hemmed in

Found the latch to the lid that revealed the gems

Found the way to my heart by a teardrop

But remember the present too, that I’m simply here

If I can’t get rich young, if I have not else besides these heirlooms,

If I can’t eat gold or grow a golden apple tree

Should I haggle with time or preserve my boon

To get through times I find quite discouraging?

Today, then, I will sleep like a log

Hibernate and wait and waste no more

And wait till March, till the world returns from November

Then, pondering past treasures gained

Then the gold will glow again

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