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The Gentleman and the Student

The Tale of Two Minds - The Gentleman and the Student

By Gopinath.RPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

See the wallowing of the gentleman,

I think he's angry at the gentlemen.


He finds it hard to see the chimpanzee,

Overshadowed by the warm pansy.


Who is that prowling near the snail?

I think she'd like to eat the sale.


She is but a warm student,

Admired as she sits upon a prudent.


Her big car is just a boyfriend,

It needs no gas, it runs on hind end.


She's not alone she brings a crocodile,

a pet turtle, and lots of trial.


The turtle likes to chase an aardvark,

Especially one that's in the hash mark.


The gentleman shudders at the scary pig

He want to leave but she wants the bermuda rig.

inspirationalfact or fiction

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