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The Gentle Flow

by Christopher O'Sullivan 3 years ago in nature poetry
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Coasting away

Like a river, time moves on

One day I will forget her

All the things that had gone wrong

And all the good together

Now the pain swells like rapids

But will become gentle stream

Such is just the way of things

In this life the constant theme

We began with soft current

Our water started churning

Excitement, hope, and desire

It set our hearts to burning

Then we found silt and debris

It muddied all the water

Left us fighting every day

Until we could not bother

Finally this river split

And we both went our own way

Shame it had to come to this

I would rather have you stay

As the river moves along

It always erodes the shore

My memory does the same

One day you will be no more.

nature poetry

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Christopher O'Sullivan

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