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The flower

by The invisible writer 8 months ago in love poems · updated 12 days ago
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I watched her grow like a flower

A petal floating in the wind

I stood a silent observer

To the loss of time

I don't think she could see me

I was just a fading image


In the dark abyss of unrequited love

Only fate remained, time telling a story

The ending unknown, the last page unread

A million possibilities, just out of reach


I waited for her to see me

Before time was lost

A breeze blew silent


The corners of my soul

Telling me the chance

Was already gone


I stood a passing reminder

To things left unsaid

Looking out beyond this place

I watched her in the distance

A silhouette dancing

In the moonlight

I longed for her, knowing

She would always be just

Out of reach


A tear ran cold from my cheek

As the tide of my breaking heart

Crashed against the shore of my soul

A lonely goodbye to a misplaced hello


I confessed love in words, I gave

To the air stretching out between us

In the dark blue of the Night

Layed out across the horizon

I don't think she could hear me

I was just a vanishing silence


I turned from her knowing

I was forgotten

Before I was remembered

I passed from her cinema screen

A single burned frame of film, unseen

A flickering of flame, extinguished

Still, in the briefest illusion, I shared with her

A life unknown, forever undiscovered

A shadow lost in the moonlight

A petal floating in the wind

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About the author

The invisible writer

I'm older than I was, but I still haven't given up on my dreams.

I've written a few things, some of it good, most of it bad

But every word in every line is mine

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