The First & Last


The First & Last
The In Between

The first scent,

Morning brewed coffee beans

As the light peaks from all ways.

The first sound,

Distinct chirps in the oak trees

Singing till the end of our days.

The first view,

Mountain tops no longer white,

Even muddy waters reflect the shine.

The first breath,

Fresher than night,

Relieved from all time.

In between we rest,

Nothing more, nothing less.

The last smell,

Not an ocean but, a rivers breeze

With hickory smoke in the finish.

The last echo

Just crickets with stillness and ease,

The coyote's howl has diminished.

The last sight

A dim flame that no longer ignites.

Stars that fall and shoot down flight.

The last breath

A puff before bed,

All senses have fled.

nature poetry
Jacinda Almonte
Jacinda Almonte
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