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The Failed Poet

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred about a month ago in sad poetry
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This Is Me At This Very Moment

The Failed Poet Will Win Just Once by Mike Singleton with NightCafe

I have poems to write and stories to write but have been having a bad week.

I need to do this to purge my feelings and am going to share "To Win Just Once" by The Saw Doctors. "Same Oul' Town" is a gorgeous album and was playing as I put these words down feeling like a failed poet.

I know I Am Not, thanks to the empathy and love of my Vocal Friends and Audience. You Know who you are.


I Want To Write A Poem

But I Just Can’t Make It Rhyme

Yes I Know The Words Will Come

But I Fail Every Time


The Words Aswirl In My Head

And The Wrong Ones Still Fall Out

This Story’s A Broken Thread

A Failed Poet Full Of Doubt


Yes I Have A Thousand Words

None of Them Will E’er Be Heard

Sheets Of Vellum Still Are Blank

Ideas Don The Drain Sank

It Happens Every Time

Poet Fails I Cannot Rhyme


sad poetry

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Mike Singleton - Mikeydred

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  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    I heat ya. Somedays you just don't have. Maybe just scream a d write whatever cones out.

  • Lauren J. Bennettabout a month ago

    Sometimes I feel like I’m a failed writer because I have a harder time with it than I used to. I used to be able to write for hours. The creativity never ended. Now it’s more difficult for me. I blame adulthood.

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