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The Eye of the Storm

by Matt Miani 3 years ago in art / nature poetry / sad poetry / performance poetry

A Poem


Seldom have I slept more soundly

Than in the eye of the storm.

Ah, you people who hide your heads

And shudder when the thunder rolls.

You know nothing of peace

You think blue skies are so restful.

When the green grass ripples

Under the trees.

Thrown to and fro by a warm summer breeze.

These are lies, fool's gold.

Sooner or later your blue skies will darken

And the wind will come.

I'll look at you scatter, stare softly from my window

As the first raindrops patter against the glass

And the lightning flashes

Over the dark grass.

When the winds howl I know I'm safe

Because they cannot touch me

They don't harm me

They only serve as a reminder

Of the power that lies behind those blue skies.

I breathe in the iron ceiling

As it crashes down with empyrean fury.

So I sleep soundly when the rain comes down

When even the sun has hidden its face.

I sail within the eye of the storm

As it ravages you,

And you frantically scurry before its wrath.

While I sail on by

Sitting atop my mast,

For the storm takes me where it will

But never once leads me astray.

I am free of your laughter

Of your hate

Of your fear.

Because now the stars come out above me

And I gaze up in peace.

Free of your cruel lies

As all you people cower

Beneath the black skies.

artnature poetrysad poetryperformance poetry

Matt Miani

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Matt Miani
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