The Eternal Candlelight's

A Poem

The Eternal Candlelight's

With a soft tender and ambient glow The flame begins to grow.

The fire is fierce You always know.

Candlelight’s find a way to flow to a place that touches your soul.

Never letting it leave a hole.

The Candlelight’s...

Within you can bring new sights

Wick to flame, the fire stays the same...

Although, Candlelight has vicious opponents the basic components

water and wind always seem to win the battle.

Just know that YOU will win any type of battle if you have the ability to spark and light your inner candlelight.

You can always trust the glowing candlelight for it allows you navigate the seas of darkness with ease.

Allow yourself to do what you please so the candlelight can help you breathe When nobody sees.

Meditate with candlelight’s

In order to reach a place in your mind where everything is always fine.

Only in time candles will light up your inner diamond mine.

Call it Your sparkling pool of great potential.

Access this pool of great ability

to navigate through life skillfully.

Let the Candlelight’s bring you pure excitement. But allow its soft hues of golden ember help you remember

Only look back with the intention to learn a lesson.

Do not relight a burned out candle. As it will not provide you with light in your life.

If you think you have no candles to light within you and a flame no longer exists.

You are not just a ghost...

Just know your candlelight will be with you when need it most

But if you really want to shine you must allow yourself to bear the light.

Be ready to take and grip tight

To hold your own candlelight.

How does it work?
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