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The Essence of a Woman

by Melissa Isabel E. 7 days ago in love poems

Volume I: part 1

The Essence of a Woman
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Here is a collection of pieces I wrote in Volume I


In an instant the lust inside of him transformed into something much deeper. Seeing her beautiful, open, and vulnerable heart being so willingly given to him when he didn't feel worthy was like exploding into a million pieces.

Or, at least that is what he told her...


Once she got over the hill of opening up to him she realized that he in fact did not make her life harder, he made it easier. She was the one making life harder with her struggle to stay guarded against him. Once she laid down her arms, he willingly took up the stance to guard her from anything that could hurt her, so she could live free and happy, unburdened.

He protected her the way a man should.


She was everything

Fire, ice, earth, and wind

She was soul, ether and flesh

He was completely mesmerized and utterly speechless,

to which he had to chuckle

I mean a writer at a loss for words

and in a bookshop no less

It was simply unheard of,

for him at least,

not that he was complaining

In fact he was enthralled by the experience

and he wanted more of it

more of her

love poems
Melissa Isabel E.
Melissa Isabel E.
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Melissa Isabel E.

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