The Escape

by Poetic Goddess 12 months ago in sad poetry

Leaving the Bad and Embracing the Good

The Escape

I feel myself pulling, slowly pulling away from everything that once brought me comfort and peace.

I see myself leaving, leaving all the things that made me feel low and beneath the world. Outside I appear to be a strong woman but inside I am a scared little girl.

Reaching for her mother's hand to rescue me from feeling alone, I yearn for a place that I can call home but sadly home is gone.

The people I once called family have become strangers, the protective feeling I had with them has escaped as I now feel as though I am in danger.

My emotions erupt and anger explodes from all the disappoint I've faced. Now I stand here waiting, waiting to see my fate.

As my fate exposes itself I see myself standing on the edge, I feel as though I am about to fall but a hand reaches up and as I look up I see the only one who can save me is me.

sad poetry
Poetic  Goddess
Poetic Goddess
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