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The End of our Beginning

by forbiddenfruit922 8 months ago in sad poetry
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May we meet again

The End of our Beginning
Photo by Amine rock hoovr on Unsplash

Hello, my friend...

Is this really the end?

The end of us gazing into each other’s souls without a thought in our mind or an idea of time

The end of us waking up to the luminous sun that shined through our window and prepared us for the world

Do you remember when we would walk the field until dawn, pondering what life was like before us and what life will be like beyond

Or when we sat by the lake and laughed at the stories we told and planned what things would be like as we grow old

How about when we slow danced off rhythm but it still seemed perfect to me

Please, my love, I need to know...

Will I have another chance to lay in your arms and talk about the mornings that we’ll spend

Will I be able to run my fingertips on your skin and feel your warmth within

Or was that it...

Was that the last time I’d feel your tender lips up against mine

The last time that I’d know whenever you smiled surely it was because of me

Do you understand that...

Our love is ripe and I just can’t imagine the day that I’ll see it rot

I can’t imagine a world where I resent you and we become strangers

A world where we walk past each other and don’t even remember our names

Because a world like that is a world of evil, it might even be hell on earth

So may there never come a time where we have to say goodbye

But if we say goodbye I hope there will be another hello

And when we say hello, the sound of your voice will help me to remember the feeling of love all over again

sad poetry

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