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The Elf of Dragonshire

by Zeddicus Zane 5 months ago in inspirational
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An Oracle of Ireland Tale

The Elf of Dragonshire
Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Shaneise, a little birdie told me of your b-day

There is so much good stuff for her to say

You're the only one shes ever connected

So deeply, as if by universe, you were selected

And your fashion sense does apparently slay

So just like her sister's poem before you,

You get a very special rhyming tale too

A tale of a woman so natural and wise

One who helps others in a state of demise

Adding yet another mystic to the slew

This tale will be of a magical woman

That was bound to no mortal man

She came from the land of dragonshire

And to be a fashion model she did aspire

To show the world her skin ever so tan

But little did she know about her past

Of how much magic her line had amassed

900 years of magic concentrated down

Now triggering the final countdown

To the cleansing of the great Belfast

1000 years ago the great seer saw

When the great pond would thaw

'Tis when the great evil will be free

To corrupt from the land to the sea

But he wouldn’t be any ole outlaw

As Shaneise was born way too soon,

Another born to an Aquarian moon,

She was left to a fragile single mother

But then she was passed to another

As the sun rose on a hot day in June

Taken away before she could learn

About the inner magics that burn

So she led a eccentric girl's unique life

Accompanied by lots of grief and strife

From a mother that was greatly stern

The ragged clothes she always wore

Greatly affected her to her very core

So every day she plotted her escape

For a life that she could reshape

And by that she absolutely swore

One day she saw an opened door

An escape she could easily score

For there was a call for females tall

To model in Belfast and bare it all

This was what she was made for

She arrives to the Celtic city

Looking like grace and beauty

The city was sprawling and grand

Ready for molding at her hand

And not ready for one so pretty

From here the story gets good

In a land where evil once stood

A pretty little wood elf now resides

In fashion she makes great strides

Magically weaving cloak and hood

But then a strange thing occurred

When she read an ancient word

Her unseen runes went neon

Her magic now fully turned on

Her vision blurry and words slurred

The power rushed through her core

Dropping her to the cold hard floor

She rose with rune tattoos glowing

Strength and power now overflowing

The elf is now ready for the new war

As the shock-waves rocked the nine hells

And penetrated the space-time parallels

Lord Dughall knew the time had come

And sounded the demon war drum

Into Shaneise flooded ancient spells

The Lord Mayor unleashed the nether

The tear brought dark, stormy weather

The people of Belfast dropped to knees

Uttering prayers in repeats of threes

But Shaneise pulled them all together

As unimaginable evil rapidly descended

The entire town she fervently defended

earth, air, fire, water, and ether merged

So that the horrible evils could be purged

In the beautiful lands that were contended

Lord Dughall descended to the battle field

With his demon enchanted sword and shield

Shaneise's power was almost depleted

But the Lord Mayor was overly conceited

The young elf refused to get herself killed

With her strength now almost expended

She lifted her head with her arms extended

With her last breath, she dug deep within

And the runes lifted off of her elven skin

The explosion had time and space blended

As evil was defeated and nether closed

Shaneise's body lay lifeless and exposed

But the story wasn’t over for the heroine

The oracle of Ireland had narrowed in

Primrose came and her life was reimposed


About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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