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The Earth and the Moon

by Morgan Graham 12 months ago in love poems

Earth and Moon

The Earth and the Moon

For the first time,

I was touched

My senses were lit like the stars in the dark sky

My nerves were lit on fire for the first time

I craved your touch in every way

I fell under your spell

Only for you

I let my guard down

I let a part of myself go

I lost my mind and every second I liked it

I wanted every part of my skin touched by you

I wanted every inch untouched

I never felt this way before

You and I were together

You took me to places that I’ve never been to

I became a woman

My pulse raced

I lost my mind

Your fingers gave me a high

I felt so high

Like never before I felt the Earth and the Moon move together as one

You drove me crazy

And I let you

love poems

Morgan Graham

A new college grad, writing because I love to write!

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Morgan Graham
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