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Poets in Motion

The Dust Devil of Consciousness

by Gary Reddin 5 months ago in nature poetry


The Dust Devil of Consciousness

The Dust Devil of Consciousness

I've heard it called a stream

the way thoughts trickle from the mind.

This must be the way

that Yankees experience consciousness.

No child of Oklahoma knows a stream

powerful enough to match the way a thought connects

with another thought or

the way ideas are whipped around the brain.

It is not calm, or serene, but fierce

and as unpredictable as the shifting winds of the prairie.

It is no stream that creates poetry

or music, it is a dust devil of consciousness.

nature poetry
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Gary Reddin

Gary grew up among the cicada songs and tornado sirens of Southwest Oklahoma. He found comfort in that dissonance and channeled it into his writing. His work has appeared in Stoneboat, The Dragon Poet Review, The Windmill and elsewhere

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